Passion fuels success. Find yours.

LSU’s biggest victories happen when Tiger alumni, family and friends share our campus community’s passion for making a difference in the world. Launch LSU is a way for you to discover, fund and follow LSU-led projects that you’re passionate about—and celebrate in their success!

Here’s how it works: LSU students, faculty and staff create Launch LSU projects to crowdfund for programs and new initiatives. In their own words, they tell you why the project is important, what their goals are and how your contribution will make a difference. Throughout the fundraising process, project creators update their pages and share them to boost awareness and participation. They communicate directly with contributors, so you’ll know the real impact of your gift and how grateful they are for your support.

Launch LSU is Louisiana State University’s crowdfunding platform, managed by the LSU Foundation. Launch LSU connects Tigers worldwide with opportunities to learn about and support student-, faculty- and staff-led programs and initiatives. These programs and initiatives foster innovation and advancement at LSU and showcase exciting initiatives within the Tiger community.

Before starting your project, please review Launch LSU’s guidelines.
Project creators are encouraged to use the Launch LSU Project Toolkit.

Thank you for realizing the power in numbers. We can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!